Enlarge My Heart

I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart! (Psalm 119) David knew the commandments of the Lord are void of meaning apart from His grace. Notice the order of things here, David will only run to God’s commandments when He enlarges his heart. Unless God makes him want His […]

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A Quick Word On Faith

In the film shawshank redemption¬†Andy Dufresne is convicted of murdering his wife and lover and is sentenced to life in prison. Before the judge, Dufresne claims to be innocent but the evidence would say otherwise. Andy never denies the evidence, he uses the evidence as a part of his story. He claimed to have driven […]

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Change and Promise

We are sad promise keepers are we not? “I promise this” or “I promise that”. Our promises have lost there place and power, our consciousness’s are no longer bound to our promises, we just use them to get what we want “If you do this for me I promise I will do that for you.” […]

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Everything Has It’s Place

It all started when my wife slipped in the kitchen and asked me “hey, did you see that I started storing our raisins and pretzels in glass jars?” My response was forgettable at best, not really thinking much of the switch from the packages they were bought in to moving them over to glass containers. […]

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Does The Truth Matter?

A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth; this has been exactly reversed. —G.K. Chesterton¬† Is truth pursued anymore? Do we find ourselves praying as David did “Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation” Do we shy ourselves away from […]

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I Urge You To Walk

Imprinted in my memory is my dad’s commitment to walking. Every morning or evening he would walk, either with with my mom or by himself. I always wondered why he would do this until one morning he had me come along and I got to see for myself. As I drug my feet along kicking […]

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Beauty and Scripture

Beauty is difficult to grasp. We know it exists, but were not sure what to do with it, we know we enjoy it but can’t really have it, or at-least fully possess it. Beauty pulls us out of ourselves and towards transcendence, it overwhelms our senses with wonder, wonder for more. Have you ever been […]

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