Exposing “gods”

One of the biggest problems with the human heart is it’s unfaithfulness to the one true God. It often lends it’s affections, its longings and energy in the service of other “gods”. Written in Exodus 20 “You shall have no other god’s before me”. How are we to determine what these “gods” are? A huge problem in the “christian” […]

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Enjoying Life

God has given us so many reasons to enjoy life! Every enjoyment, every pleasure, every good thing in life is tied to the glory of God! When our hearts our full of real joy, real peace know that this is a grace from God. It was not long ago when I viewed my life as […]

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Why Mark?

I believe it is important for every person who is apart of a local church to ask the questions “why is the preacher preaching on this text or this book?” “Why is he spending so much time here or there?” These are healthy questions, and the pastors of the church should be able to answer […]

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Apart From The Blood

Today I spent some time with the Grover community reminding them the importance of the blood of Jesus. We have been slowly but steadily going through the gospel of Mark. In it we have learned to uphold Jesus as one who is King, a perfect Savior who is worthy of all praise! The text FAC […]

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Avoiding Pain

This idea is obviously popular because who in there right mind prefers pain and suffering over security and comfort? The idea that requires the least amount of headache and suffering will most likely be the one chosen. What seems to happen then is much effort is put into protecting themselves from the realities of pain. […]

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