Apart from Jesus true community is impossible  Every person has a community, the question of community is not weather you have it or not, the question of community is what is the anchor of your community? What is your community made up of? It is important to distinguish differences between a “natural” community and an […]

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Individual Worship

Standing in line for a shot of espresso a song overhead starts playing. I find myself struck with the goodness and greatness of God and my heart was led to worship. I noticed, while I was engaging in worship, that I was the only person in the line (to my knowledge) in worship to God. […]

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Why Bother Moving?

Acts 17:28  “In Him we live and move and have our being”   -If this life is all about us there is no reason to move.                                                           […]

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Ultimate Rest

In Mark 2:28 Jesus first claims to be God “The Son of Man” and then claims to be the “LORD of the Sabbath”, which is to say, apart from Jesus there is no rest. In Jesus our quest for rest is over! He is the KING of rest and our vain attempts in finding rest […]

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