What we fear exposes what we worship

     Until we come to terms with an overwhelming fear for the God of this universe all other fears found in this world will paralyze us. Since we are completely helpless in cases of sufferings, tragedies, loneliness’, and brokenness of this world, the fears of them will bring man to utter despair. Since God, who is perfect in His Sovereignty, perfect in His ability to control all things, who is set apart from His creation and creatures, who knows all things and the result of all things, we can trust Him with our fear. When we fear God we put all other fears to flame. They cannot withstand the realities of our God, they cannot be seen because God in His goodness is in complete control of any and every situation possible. Until we come to this fear, the fear of God in the fullness of Him, we will be crippled by worldly fear.

  Mark 4:37 “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing” 

      This is to say “God, I would be a much better god than you right now” or “God, you don’t know what the heck your doing, can you not see that I am suffering?” Nowhere in the Bible does it teach the absence of God in the midst of your trials and suffering, actually quite the opposite, the Bible teaches us how and who to fear. To be confident in who God is especially in the midst of your sufferings and trials. Our sufferings and trials play a huge role in exposing our loyalties, the loyalties hidden in our heart and God cares for the heart.

  Even if you were to live a perfectly comfortable life. Without chaos, without sufferings, without tragedies. The truth is, this person is still FEARFUL. You can spot your fear by looking closely at what you worship. For example: If you worship money what you fear is to not have money, but that fear ultimately cripples you because you cannot control your finances to the point of  your satisfaction, the fear of money is crippling you because you are never satisfied. Or if you worship approval, what you fear is disapproval and you are ultimately crippled by this fear because you can never be yourself. But if we take the success of Christ, the power of Christ and place that as the center of our worship, the center of our fears, we will be drawn into a fear that is life giving! The fear of Christ is a sustaining fear, a hopeful fear, a life changing fear and it puts to flame ALL other worldly fears!

 Tim Keller said it wonderfully “Either you live your life at the mercy of the storm or at the mercy of the one who calms the storm.” That really is what this is all about. No matter what, we are a fearful people, the question is, is our fear crippling us (the storm) or is our fear sustaining us (Jesus Christ)? I strongly encourage you to fear God because He is God and you are not.


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