What Do You Do With Your Wrong?

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who has promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

 To be human is to seek salvation, we all, no matter the person, struggle with a strong desire to be saved. Varied ways of course do we express this but I believe a main way we pursue salvation is inwardly. We really believe we can save ourselves, and our self salvation projects have written out confessions that we labor tremendously in holding onto. Confession does after all come from conviction, our hearts hold up signs within us saying “Were still not there!” “We need to try harder” “We are still at fault”. Our hearts convict us, and our confessions are those ideas we hold to calm our convictions down. For example: The other day I raised my voice at my 2 year old out of sheer frustration. I knew it wasn’t right of me since he really didn’t know what he was doing wrong, so what happened? My heart convicted me and I was led to confession.

Here is the question we will deal with in looking at self salvation. What do you do with your conviction? What do you do with the wrong your doing? Or what confessions have you written out in time of conviction?

We don’t think about confessions as something we all have written out but without realizing it or not you do have a set solution’s that you turn to when your heart tells you your in the wrong. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

  1. Cover up. Easy fix right? What better and easier way to take care of our wrong by just covering it up with more good stuff? If enough good overbears my bad I will be saved.
  2. Numb up. Maybe the wrong I feel and am convicted of is not wrong at all? What if I just numb up my wrong? Seems to fix the problem.
  3. Blame up. What if my wrong is actually somebody else’ wrong. Instead of taking the hit, ill just put the wrong in it’s proper place, on that guys head.
  4. Shame up. Sick and tiered of feeling guilt and shame, if I embrace the fact that I do wrong I won’t feel the need to fix anything. What if I just live with the shame?
  5. Justify up. There must be a justifiable reason for my wrong, if I work hard enough at dissecting all the ins and outs of my actions I will be able to save myself.

These are just a few inward confessions we all make when encountered with heart conviction and all of them have the same problem. None of them work. Why? Because the wrong we produce within ourselves cannot be made right within ourselves but rather we must “hold fast” to a different confession. We must confess that we need somebody from the outside to deal with the wrong in our insides.

The author of Hebrews tells us Who the “hope” of our “confession” is just prior to vs 23 “since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus” The Christian looks to Jesus to be the only way of salvation, the blood of Jesus covers the wrong of men and the death of Jesus puts to death the wrong in us. We “boldly come to the throne of grace” because we “hold fast” to the person and work of Jesus Christ. “He became sin for us” He “purchased” us with His blood. Apart from Jesus our convictions kill us, Jesus frees us to see our wrong, to own our wrong, and to run to the cross with our wrong, where our wrong was taken care of forever. Therefore, since Christ is our hope, and since our confessions are all tied to the work of Jesus, we “hold fast” to them and live our lives by them.


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