What Marriage Can’t Do

Should marriage do that?

OFTEN the pursuit of marriage is chased after the same way as happiness or fulfillment is, it is believed to fill the holes in life. Feeling lonely? Find a mate and get married. Unsatisfied with your life? Consider marriage and family.

There is this weird part of us that turns really healthy and good things into really unhealthy and unnatural things. Marriage is one of these things. Was marriage really made to do this much for us? Is it designed to meet all of our longings and desires? Is it healthy to expect this of one person?

Let’s be honest, marriage really won’t and shouldn’t do much of what we want it to do for us. We wan’t marriage to fill the void of loneliness and yet we feel alone. We want marriage to make us happy and yet we often find ourselves angry and frustrated with our spouse. Often our spouse is actually the reason we feel alone and unhappy, the opposite of what we expected.

So why is it that marriage presents itself as the answer to all of these problems when over and over it’s proven not to be the answer? Among many reasons a big one might be the fact that there is a lot of money made in marriage, think about the constant flow of advertisements pushing these messages your way. They almost make you feel less of a human if you don’t buy it, like a partner and all that comes with it is something you have to have to experience fullness of life. It could also be an overemphasis of our fundamental human need for connection and relationship. Human’s were made for this, it is therefore easy to make to much of humans as gravity already pulls us that direction.

Is it true though, are we lesser people if unmarried or single?

No. This is not true.

Our longings and desires are legitimate, marriage is just not the answer, Jesus Christ is. Your spouse cannot be Jesus, your spouse makes for a terrible savior. I only know this because so often I fall into the same lie, making to much of my wife. Christ alone is who we are to live for because He alone can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.





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