Would I Not Be A Fool

Would I not be a fool to ignore you today? You tell me “you are with me”, you tell me “you know me” and You reveal yourself to me as the Eternal King of the universe. Who am I to ignore You? You offer to be my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble and I push back and argue. Am I really that weak? Quickly I remember how foolish I am and ask a different question. Am I so strong that I do not need you? Is my life so steady that I should forget to talk to you?

But the nations rage and the kingdoms totter, I would be a fool not to see this. Everything beneath me is shaking, everyone around me trembles. Who am I to maintain this chaos? For I am to be still and know that you are God, that I am not and am a fool to think so. Will I be so dull to pretend that I am? For what can I do when the nations rage, when the earth gives way? I am to cling to You my rock, I am to lay my life before You.

I can do nothing but hope in You my God! I can do nothing but take refuge in You. For if it is true that You are with me, I would only be a fool to ignore you.


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