Briefly On Social Media

This may be a weird question, but what does twitter/Facebook do to you? Notice, I did not ask you what it does for you, I asked you what these things are doing to you.

How we interact and use social media matters, it matters because so much of our time and energy go’s into it. Social media has slowly carved itself into our daily routine, it has taken it’s place in the back of our minds and has filled the dead space throughout the day. How are we to glorify God with our use of social media? I will briefly give three suggestions as to how to better use social media.

1) Don’t Be So Swipe Happy

With the size of our phones and the size of available information we tend to get a little swipe happy. We try and learn everything all at once, we tap and swipe anticipating the next tap and swipe. Try and tap one thing, learn about that one thing and then put your phone down.

2) Think About What Your Doing

So often we interact with social media without even thinking about it. Entertainment has become more of a habit then an enjoyment. Using social media unconsciously is like eating without thinking about it. We get unhealthy not because we want to, but because we forget to think about what we are doing.

3) Know Yourself

Often social media is a platform for reaction. As humans we struggle with this, we want attention, we want people to react to our awesomeness, we want to look good and social media can make it seem so. But are we really being true to ourselves? Not everybody (including myself) has something significant to show or say. We are to know ourselves and careful of the content we post.


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