Sirens Story

“The Bible is a big story made up of lots of small stories.” Kevin DeYoung  You know as well as I do, if you have kids, how exciting sounds of emergency can truly be! Fire trucks putting flames out, police cars on the chase, ambulances rescuing sick people etc. Literally every time the lights flash […]

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Clash of the Wills

“I never said you could fix everything”  Bill Nighy   Bill Nighy is the father of Tim Lake in a film called “About Time”. Essentially, this film grants a family with the ability to go back in time. You can see how this ability could be curiously dangerous for any human to have. Tim Lake […]

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A Sense of Ownership

Mark 10:20 “Teacher, all of these I have kept from my youth” I will never forget walking through the music halls in college, everyone exploring, discovering, creating within their abilities. I was never a music student, but always have been a musician. I would use the resources of the college for my own songwriting benefits, […]

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As a church we are going through the gospel of Mark. Currently we are dealing with a man who asks a question and receives an unexpected answer from Jesus. The question “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”. Interesting question coming from a man like this. He was rich, young and a ruler, all […]

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Essential For Living

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life The bible does not excite people. Why? The sound of music, the pleasure of company, the movement on a screen, these seem to capture our attention for a […]

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