To My Great Surprise

CRUMBLED by another defeat, I was determined to rise up stronger then ever and come back as conqueror. Defeat only made me stronger, was my philosophy, I would wake up the next day, put on my itunes, and bust it out. Nothing could stop me, I was going to climb to the top of the […]

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My Heart Beats For You

I BROKE through the chains. I had no idea they existed. I broke through the chains only to find myself bound once again, this time by glory. I could not help myself but stare at His beauty, to be wrapped up in all that He is, to be overwhelmed by His presence; He has become […]

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Jesus Is Just Better

“Take note of Jesus” Hebrews 3:1  The Jews at this time had a strange obsession with both angels and Moses, so much so the author of Hebrews felt the need to address the issue. He blows them out of the water with clear arguments as to how and why Jesus is supreme over both angels […]

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In The Cracks

As followers of Jesus we need to know our neighborhood and city! Why? Because  as followers of Jesus our greatest desire should be to glorify God in pursuing people that they may know Him. There are obviously many ways in which we can get to know people in a very real way, I would just […]

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Away From Worthless Things

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways. Psalm 119  David in this particular psalm emphasizes greatly the treasure found in God’s Word! “I have stored up your Word in my heart” “I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.” “I will delight […]

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Our Significant Savior

 I do spend most my time searching for significance. The significant may not truly be significant but the fact that I invest my time searching for it proves to me that I believe it to be significant. In the moment I normally don’t find myself recalling to the past, remembering that the very thing I […]

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