What Marriage Can’t Do

Should marriage do that? OFTEN the pursuit of marriage is chased after the same way as happiness or fulfillment is, it is believed to fill the holes in life. Feeling lonely? Find a mate and get married. Unsatisfied with your life? Consider marriage and family. There is this weird part of us that turns really healthy […]

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What If He Speaks?

This was a game changer!   GAME changer! I had always thought I could never really know anything about God. Sure, people may have given me some ideas, great guesses from believable sincere people as to who God is and how he works, but could anybody really know? God sorta seemed like a toss up. […]

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You Would Know

I’ve never felt so alone; You would know     ANOTHER DAY of wondering, wondering whether or not anyone loves me; I guess You would know, You were abandoned by all your friends and family. What about the days I don’t want to wake up, when all  the world seems to heavy, and I feel myself becoming […]

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